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X-Ray Beamline Simulation

Our software provides fast, accurate, simulation of physical optics, such as Young's double slit experiment. In addition, you can calculate in full detail the synchrotron radiation from an electron beam in a magnet.

Experiment with sophisticated X-ray beamlines from light sources such as NSLS-II, LCLS, and APS, or design your own.

X-Ray Beamline Simulation

Get to know the code

The Synchrotron Radiation Workshop (SRW) code is the physics engine for our simulations. The full capabilities are supported in the GUI so you can model advanced X-ray optics without having to become an SRW expert.

SRW allows you to generate experiments that you would see with real X-ray beamlines. It's the principle X-ray optics code used at the Brookhaven National Laboratory.


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We developed Sirepo to be easy to access and use. That means supporting codes you already use.

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