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Machine Learning

Analyze complex datasets and develop machine learning algorithms.

X-ray Beamlines

Simulate synchrotron radiation and design x-ray beamlines.

Particle Accelerators

Model beam dynamics for a wide range of particle accelerators.


Build and share three-dimensional simulations of permanent and electromagnets.

Vacuum Nanoelectronics

Create vacuum nanoelectronics models in your browser.


Use our JupyterHub server with resources and libraries built in.


Test automated tuning programs with control-systems codes.


Dive into time-dependent, 3D modeling of FELs and Ti:Sa amplifiers


Explore fluid and plasma dynamics with magnetohydrodynamic simulations.


Track neutrons as they are transported through nuclear reactors


Sirepo is a computer-aided engineering (CAE) gateway that accesses high-performance community codes through both a browser-based GUI and an embedded JupyterHub instance.

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