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Every simulation and user is unique, so we have multiple Sirepo solutions to fit your research needs.

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  • 10 Minutes Max Run Time*
  • Github Support
  • 1 Concurrent Sim

*Run time subject to maintenance periods

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  • 24 Hours Max Run Time*
  • Data Back Up Plan
  • Email Customer Support
  • 4 Hours of Scientific Consulting**
  • Persistent Data Storage
  • Guaranteed Access to Cores
  • 1 Concurrent Sim

*Run time subject to maintenance periods
**Scientific Consulting must be used in the first month

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  • Unlimited Run Time*
  • Data Back Up Plan
  • Phone & Email Customer Support
  • 16 Hours of Scientific Consulting**
  • Persistent Data Storage
  • Guaranteed Access to Cores
  • Unlimited Concurrent Sims

*Run time subject to maintenance periods
**Scientific Consulting must be used in the first month

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Discover Sirepo Private

Sirepo Private is an ideal option for those with high privacy/security requirements and need services to be run behind their firewall, such as universities, research labs, and corporations.

Use your own hardware

Host Sirepo on-site at your own datacenter or a service provider's.

Queue management

Features additional capabilities like interfacing to standard queue management systems on parallel linux clusters.

On-premise installation

Stand up your own instance of Sirepo behind a private firewall.

Enhanced security

Get the enhanced security of dedicated, physically isolated network, compute, and storage layers.


Compute, storage, and networking components customized to best suit your unique needs.

Subscription perks

Your annual subscription includes ongoing premium support and maintenance.

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The perks of using Sirepo

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Easy to access & use

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Instantaneous collaboration

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Archive & save

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You're not locked-in

There’s nothing to install. Simply run your simulations on private, secure computers.

Share your complete designs with a single link.

Resume work weeks later with zero start-up time.

Export files for command-line execution.

Launch a simulation demo

Use our Basic Plan to take Sirepo for a Spin.

Frequently asked questions

What is Sirepo?

Sirepo is an open-source cloud-based software framework that provides a convenient and user-friendly interface for you to model, share, and archive your scientific codes.

What codes does Sirepo support?


Why do you need my email?

Your email is used to create a permanent space for your simulation files and for customer support. For more information, see our privacy policy.

Do you provide customer support?

Yes. You receive GitHub support with Sirepo Basic and email customer support with Sirepo Premium. Sirepo Enterprise includes all of the above, plus phone support from our stellar software and engineering team.

What’s the difference between the Public Cloud and the Private?

The Sirepo Public Cloud is hosted on our servers, while the Private Cloud is installed behind your firewall. For users with high privacy/security requirements, we recommend Sirepo Private.

Can I use the GUI and command-line code?

Yes, Sirepo lets you export everything you need for command-line execution, including a valid Python script, so you can do exactly what you executed on the Sirepo server. Simply use these exported files in "expert mode" on our Jupyter Server, where all codes are pre-installed. Similarly, you can import command line files into the Sirepo GUI.